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Disclaimer of Liability

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The digital images on this site are derived from 35mm slides. The slides were scanned by Ritz Camera or Penn Camera and recorded on a CD-ROM.

Images were edited and generally reduced to 72dpi (dots per inch). The purpose of the decrease in resolution was to reduce the file size ( and hence network transfer time) of images. This resolution should be adequate for display on most monitors.

Higher resolution digital images, 35 mm slide tranparencies, and in some cases, the original paintings can be acquired. Contact for details on the items of interest.

The colors displayed on an RGB monitor may not be a accurate representation of the colors in the original painting.


Comments or questions about the art works on this site should be directed to:

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Background and What to expect?

This site was placed into operation on 20 May 2001. It was updated on 24 September 2001 with the addition of a separate Degree Show 2001 page containing those paintings displayed at the Slade School fo Fine Art Degree Show 2001. On 11 June 2002, version 2.0 of was uploaded. This version includes a methods and materials page describing the process of preparing a linen canvas with size and egg-oil emulsion primer. We welcome two new categories of Still-Life and Commissions to the site. There are new paintings and design changes in the categories of Realization, Self-Portraits, and Life-Room. And you will find a more extensive CV. Other items soon to be added are:

And, hopefully, in the not to distant future: So, thank you for stopping by and come back again. This site will expand over time.

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